Today’s headlines were all about surprises:

1. Oprah was apparently surprised by Lance Armstrong’s doping admission; and I haven’t figured out if the man is a wizard or not because it appears he bewitched everyone with his lies  …erm…account, or whether this is the weirdest pre-show hype I’ve ever seen:

“It was surprising to me. I would say for myself, my team … we were mesmerised and riveted by some of his answers.”
“I feel he answered the questions in a way that (suggested) he was ready. I can only say I was satisfied with the answers.” – Oprah

2. The Times reported (I would include the link but for the paywall) that the French army was surprised by the organisation, arming and training of the rebel militants in Mali. This smells like another case of follow the money (I might have to start a category for that): where are they getting the money for these arms, hmmm? Where are they being trained? Who is bankrolling them?

3. Another case of follow the money for my next post, except it’s not a hidden trail: Kenya: Kibaki Approves His Sh25m Retirement Bonus. So… Kibaki has magnanimously accepted that Bill that Kenya’s MPs have voted for, awarding themselves massive payrises and golden handshakes. *sighs, grits teeth, mutters something about exit strategies for African politicians*

4. I’ll end on something light hearted: When a Swedish cleaning lady went joyriding in a train, perhaps no one was more surprised than her when she crashed into an apartment block.

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