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Three things that cracked me up in the last month

If in doubt, make a list. I won’t explain why I haven’t blogged for over a month; suffice to say I’ve been busy, though I’ve also found time for light relief. Here’s my top three.

1. A cat video. But not just any cat video. What makes this doubly hilarious is the French commentary. I don’t know why French is funnier than English, but here you are: Dansons la Capucine

2. Easter humour.

3. Student gifs. I haven’t done a phd, but my boyfriend (who is) tells me this tumblr is hauntingly accurate.


The grave is empty again.
Together we walk in the still dawn time
before the earth turns golden
and green, brown and blue.

These wounds, those fires of rage and despair
are now cool to the touch, a keloid brooch,
weightless and pale next to your pierced side;
memory of chafed shoulders and stricken heart.

I have lost it all and gained the world
You smile.
Chafed shoulders and stricken heart
Made new.


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