Last week the government wanted a visa bond for UK tourists.

Today a letter leaked to the Times reveals they want to encourage more foreign school kids to study here and charge them handsomely for the privilege, despite an already acute shortage of school places.

Britain is allegedly open to “the brightest and the best” but the visa system is increasingly complex. However, they’re smoothing the way for the mobile rich elite because the assumption is that if you’re rich enough, apparently, that automatically makes you bright, the best and worthy. (You may never actually pay tax here and contribute anything but let’s not let logic interrupt a good run of populist nonsense)

Meanwhile, a crackdown on student visas to meet the arbitrary “tens of thousands” immigration target means that the kids that come to school here will find it hard to get a student visa for university, despite paying above the odds for both primary and higher education. What’s the incentive to sink money into UK plc and subsidise British schools and universities?

Would the real government immigration policy please stand up?

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

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