One for the Home Team

Go Home or Face Arrest

The Evening Standard reports today that the Home Office is spending money on advertising hoardings emblazoned withe the phrase “Go Home or Face Arrest,” which are to be placed on vans and driven around certain areas in London such as Barking and Dagenham and Brent and Redbridge, in efforts to tackle illegal immigration.

Like most of the showy and hardline immigration measures promoted by the government, I suspect this is aimed at reassuring the British public rather than dealing with the problem at hand. Interesting, too, that this comes after the Office of Budget Responsibility stunned everyone with their latest report that showed that immigrants will help to contribute to tackling the challenge of paying for Britain’s ageing population in future.  This was reported in the newspapers in  varying degrees of dismay as as an endorsement for untrammelled immigration.

It’s clear that there’s a PR war here and the Home Office is gleefully ramping up public perception of a threat that they are blowing way out of proportion.

I have a question for Theresa May.

If some illegal immigration is the result of criminal activity, will a billboard really make a difference? Or will it serve to further alienate and frustrate migrants who are here legally?


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