Language Matters: Doubling Down on Anti-immigrant Rhetoric

By me for Media Diversity UK. Follow the #AllwhiteTV campaign!

Media Diversified

by Kiri Kankhwende

The government’s contentiousGo Home” vanis off the streets for now, but Immigration Minister Mark Harper still saw fit to double down on his support for the initiative in aparliamentary debateon Wednesday after Pete Wishart SNP asked him to guarantee that “he will not bring these xenophobic “go home” hate vans to Scotland” – along with a request to “remove the unwanted, disgraceful“go home” materialsfrom the UKBA office in Glasgow.”

Citingfavourable public opinion,Mr Harper stated that “Asking people who have no right to be in the UK—who are here unlawfully, taking the mickey out of everyone else—to go home, as they should do, rather than forcing the taxpayer to spend up to £15,000 on arresting, detaining and enforcing their removal, is a very sensible thing to do, and I am not going to apologise for it.”

r-RACIST-VAN-large570The government’s…

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