A conversation on framing and facts

These are the highlights of a conversation that I had on Twitter on policy framing in terms of immigration. Although I disagree with Sunny, he makes a good point in terms of people’s perceptions vs the facts. The question that keeps coming up is, do you challenge people’s misperceptions or do you try to match policy to populism – bearing in mind that public views are nuanced and the hardened opposition to immigration is unaffected by facts or actual immigration figures?

Personally, I would like to see politicians showing some leadership – but others feel that you need to address how people feel, regardless of the facts. What do you think? One thing I do know is that this tension will only get more intense as the elections (European and General elections) approach.


“A Labour government will clamp down on British businesses using cheap foreign labour, Ed Miliband will pledge today, as he gives a warning that the arrival of migrant workers from Romania and Bulgaria could make the cost of living crisis worse for Britons.”

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