Best New Things

Having broken my resolution to blog every weekday, I’m going to cheat here and upload five great things I’ve discovered this week, one for each day that I’ve been too busy to write:

ONE. A Dutch proverb (allegedly) that was quoted a women’s leadership event that I went to this week:

“Trust walks into a room on foot and leaves on a horse.”

CaptureTWO: Shoes by Mel. (I didn’t say these were going to be five sensible things)






THREE. Painkillers. I try to avoid them but sometimes when you’re in a lot of pain, they can temporarily release you from the emotional drain of chronic pain.

FOUR. Onomollywood, a restaging of classic film stills with black models – I wish I could go and see it after this Guardian article.

FIVE. Cake. (It’s always cake)



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