Stump Up

A regular aspect of life as a migrant is keeping on top of immigration changes that could affect your visa…and the fee rises. Migrant Rights has the details on the latest fee rises.

“The biggest increases fall on family members of migrants who are residing in a category which entitles them to take employment. To prove to employers that they have such an entitlement the family member is obliged to obtain an Immigration Employment Document (IED), and from 6 April will have to pay £601, up from the current £433, and increase of 38.8%

The unit cost to the Home Office of processing these applications is well below these amounts. Naturalisation typically costs £144 to process, IEDs come in at £278.”

I don’t think most people are aware of how high these fees are, but I suspect that the government’s argument that the fees reflect the value of the visa to migrants would really resonate with a lot of the public.

What’s staggering though, is how much the fees are and yet how inefficient the UKBA continues to be. A recent Freedom of Information request revealed that the agency is still flailing in terms of efficiency – amidst this disarray, the government’s desire to extend border to checks is farcical. But it won’ t stop the Immigration Bill.

Meanwhile, behind the figures are human beings whose lives may be on hold while they await a decision, or an appeal.

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