Sexy Geckos and other Friday Thoughts

Right, I know it’s Sunday, but this was meant to go up on Friday.

Three for Friday! (Or Monday, as the case may be)

One A story that will *never* get old: Russia loses a satellite of geckos taking part in a zero-gravity sex experiment.

Two Something to think about:

What is African includes the ways by which we have preserved ourselves in foreign lands and lands engulfed by foreign men. It is the commitment to the preservation of natural and cultural environments that sustain us, and the rejection of those that seek to destroy us. We must remember that culture is meant to preserve people, not the other way around. It is fluid and it should be self-reflective.
—Georges Ekwensi; Know No Bounds

Three Gregory Porter’s dulcet tones. Easily one of my favourite male vocalists ever.


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