It is possible to oppose Israeli military action in Gaza without being anti-semitic, or denying the Holocaust, or approving of Hamas rockets being fired into Israel to harm innocent civilians.

It is possible to be horrified by the suffering in Gaza and angry at both the Israeli bombs and the Hamas militants who shelter among the innocent, drawing their fire.

It is possible to have complex feelings about what’s going on in the West Bank; many people do.

But some things are quite simple. Israel has a shield, while the people of Gaza are sitting ducks, utterly defenceless, with no open border to flee to safety in another country and no safe place to flee within Gaza where they can’t be bombed.

The majority of the occupants of Gaza are innocent children. They have nothing to protect them. Israel has nuclear weapons and the protection of the international community, most notably the US.

The stream of heartbreaking news out of Gaza is endless and awful. None of our hands are clean.

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