Taking Names and Busting Chops

Sayeeda Warsi is on fire. After resigning over the government’s (lack of a) stance on Gaza, she has shown that she is most definitely not going quietly. Her resignation got a lot of coverage, but was soon eclipsed by the Boris show (will he be both MP and Mayor? So much ankle for the press to nibble on).

However, she has spoken frankly to the Independent on Sunday about the Tory party’s shortcoming with regards to ethnic minorities and other issues, ensuring no doubt that this will lead news coverage on Monday morning. There’s a lot in there. Like:

“I don’t hold the fact that someone went to public school against them. I don’t hold the fact that they haven’t had the breadth of experience that some of us who didn’t go to public school have had. I don’t hold against them that they haven’t had to fight as hard to get the jobs that we have had to fight as hard to get. I hope that if I can be so understanding about their background, they can be understanding to those of us that haven’t had those opportunities.”

Every party has its problems, but on this issue, I can’t help thinking that this isn’t surprising given the party she chose to join. She’s right to point this out, but – surprised, much?!



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