Oh, Nigel.

Can we make up our minds, please?

I’m loving and cheering on the #ostentatiousbreastfeeding hashtag, but I have a problem with the reporting of the issue of Nigel Farage’s suggestion that breastfeeding mums should “sit in a corner” of restaurants. This isn’t the first time he’s said something sexist.

I find it a bit frustrating that the media roundly pokes fun at the outdated or offensive things he or other UKIP members say or do, but treat his xenophobia and anti-immigration rhetoric with deference. Why do we allow him to drive the agenda on that when on *every. other. issue* – the NHS, women, the economy – literally¬†anything else his and his party’s views are roundly derided as asinine?

Oh yeah, because they are. We need to make up our minds and stop using him to legitimise racism and xenophobia in public discourse. No other political leader could be so discredited on all these other issues and still be taken seriously on their one pet hobby horse.



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