500px-I'm_back_baby!….and we’re back. I’m still working through my thoughts on Paris. Nigeria.

The lack of nuance.

The fact that no one deserves to die for what they say.

The fact that Charlie Hebdo was racist and islamophobic and quite frankly, not that clever.

The fact that even if they were, they should not have been killed for it.

The fact that we won’t give the majority of Muslims the benefit of the doubt that like most human beings, they abhor senseless killings and are as appalled as the rest of us and so we call on them to condemn and prove that they’re not all waiting to kill us.

The fact that the killings in Nigeria have been going on for years. And that’s not considered “news”, but this approach ignores the fact that framing matters. Nigeria is framed at a distance. France is close to home.

That matters.

Over the course of several days I’ve read tweets and articles that illuminate some of the things I’ve been feeling and turning over in my mind. I’ve put a few here:

Umournable Bodies by Teju Cole

No Clash of Civilisations in Paris Attacks by David Wearing.



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