Facing Fears

I am an avid follower of the Eloquent Woman blog. Denise Graveline’s Eloquent Woman workshops have really helped me to develop my confidence and creativity in public speaking. Every week she highlights a different remarkable speech; recently it was Lupita Nyong’o’s December address to the Massachusetts Conference for Women, on facing your fears. It has a special resonance for me this year. I promised myself that 2015 would be a year for pushing my proverbial boat out.

In December, I wrote down my goals for what I dubbed “Terrific Lady Year”. (you have to watch the American football sports comedy The League to understand the reference), which my sister teasingly dubbed #yearofKiri (Who knows? I wouldn’t mind).  I was also inspired by reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, who gave the famous Ted Talk on Vulnerability. So far, I’d say it’s going well. The trick is to keep showing up.

As part of Terrific Lady Year, I also have the Terrific Lady List, a bucket list of all the fun things that I always say I’m going to do but never get round to. Things that I want to start doing again: horseriding, mountain biking, abseiling, slam poetry….things that I can wear a pretty dress to: afternoon tea, Ascot, any given Tuesday…and some things I’ve never tried before: zorbing? Speaker’s Corner?

Three inspiring videos on the theme of taking risks:

1. Danny Macaskill, the Scottish free rider (like parkour, but on a bike) exploring the rugged terrain of his native Skye.

2. Lupita’s aforementioned speech:

3. Brene Brown on vulnerability:


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