The People’s Republic of Amnesia

”If China is not to perish, then as history tells us, the future holds a tremendous surprise for the murderers. This is not the conclusion of an incident, but a new beginning. Lies written in ink can never disguise facts written in blood. Blood debts must be repaid in kind: the longer the delay, the greater the interest.” -Lu Xun

Before all the madness with the election, I read Louisa Lim’s searing, startling book, The People’s Republic of Amnesia. It’s about Tiananmen Square…and the other, previously unreported crackdown in Chengdu, that was just as brutal. And how the world ignored it.

But it’s about so much more than that. Meticulously researched, based on reams of testimony and official records (where possible), Lim brings the stories of everyone involved – victims, their families, fellow protesters and even the police – to life. It’s a staggering work, a humane and compassionnate project. Just like the many brave Chinese men and women campaigning for the truth about these incidents to be revealed, Lim is intense and passionnate, unwavering in her determination to bring these events to light.


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