In Praise of Alias

EydThh2AG5A.market_maxresI’m rewatching Series 1 of Alias. I remember loving this when it first came out in the….90s? *frantically googles* No – it was 2001, according to the good people of Wikipedia.

I’m struck by how it stands the test of time. Strong, well-rounded female characters, tight storylines (at least in the beginning) and a strong supporting cast with black characters that aren’t expendable or one-dimensional.

And the outfit changes! The wigs! The running down corridors!

JJ Abrams at his best. Plus a great cameo from the inimitable Gina Torres, one of my top 5 talent girl crushes (and since you ask, the other four are Serena Williams, Angela Bassett, Sanaa Lathan and Aisha Tyler).

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