Funky Does It

Every so often, I make a decision that makes me feel very grownup. In this case, it’s to purchase an LP player. And start my own vinyl collection. My dad had one, and perhaps there’s a weird nostalgia fuelling this – but the music I grew up listening to and that I love just sounds different on records. A little more raw and immediate.

I am always on the hunt for a good music podcast (like Breaking Bread, which I go on about ad nauseum) and have now belatedly alighted upon the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on 6 Music. (glad we saved it).

Thanks to the show and the latest offering from Breaking Bread, my list of songs that need to be played out loud and old-school keeps growing:

  1. Little Richard – Get Down With It

2. Monica – I don’t know Nothing Else to Tell You but I Love You

3. Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band – PIMP



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