Political analyst and public speaker. My portfolio is here. I write and speak about politics, immigration, race and human rights.

My background is in French and Chinese language studies. I am a trained journalist with an MSc in International Political Communications, Politics and Human Rights Advocacy. I have written for outlets including the Guardian and the Independent, and been a contributor on BBC TV and radio, Al-Jazeera and Fox News.

Madomasi = tomatoes in Shona (Zimbabwe). Find me on twitter: @madomasi

Read my work and contact me on http://www.justkiri.com


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Nomsa says:

    Hi Kiri, Great blog. I came across your comment on immigration on the BBC world webpage and googled you to see what you’re up to. I’ve never heard of the word “Afropolitan” until reading it here. All the best and well done for speaking up. Nomsa (Arundel 2000)

  2. Dear Kiri, we are organising a weekend in January called #UniteAgainstDividers and would really like to invite you for dinner on 13/01. We couldn’t find your email, so if you’d have time, please send us a quick reply and we send you more details. Thank you.

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