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This page is no longer being updated. My full portfolio is now on .

BBC Black shot










  • Here is my TEDx Talk from TEDx East End’s Salon in April 2015 around the theme of free movement: 
  • I joined a panel at Consented TV to discuss the General Election:

  • On Sunday 10 May I spoke to BBC regional stations about the election aftermath: BBC Berkshire, BBC Derby (from 13mins) , BBC Northampton (from 21:50), BBC West (from 37:30), BBC Leicester (from 44mins) and BBC Merseyside (51:20).
  • I had an opportunity to question economist Sir Paul Collier (read my review of his book Exodus here) on Al-Jazeera’s Head to Head show (from 35:30)
  • I joined Al Jazeera’s Listening Post on the Download section (1 minute) to give my perspective on media reporting of the Calais “crisis” (from 34:00) 
  • I wrote about Theresa May’s Immigration Speech at Tory Party Conference 2015 for Migrant Voice.
  • February 2016 saw the launch of Media Diversified’s political column, White Men Dancing, co-authored by Maurice McLeod (@mowords) and me. My first post was The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey.
  • I also discussed the EU referendum on BBC Newsnight on 26 February 2016. newsnight still





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