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Notes on a Fiscal Policy

Tonight the fiscal charter is being discussed. From what I can see, George Osborne continues to steal Labour’s rhetoric – “Now we are the true party of labour” – but reality belies this, such as the cuts to tax credits and the rise in people earning below the living wage (the real one) even as unemployment falls. Oh and the firesale of national assets – Royal Mail, shares in RBS…

I suspect it will pass anyway as some Labour MPs are plannng to abstain. It’s a shame that Labour’s bitterness and inner tumult is hampering its effectiveness as an Opposition. George Osborne is a political master; the fiscal charter was always a trap and unfortunately the simplicity of the stupid idea is easier communicated than the arguments against. But, here are some great tweets on this anyway.

Like, for instance, Osborne rejecting this silly idea in 2010


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