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On Community

communityI’m currently watching season 2 of Community. I’ve been told to watch this show for years and years, but never got round to it until now.

It’s brilliant. Delightfully quirky with a whip-smart script, lots of pop culture references and just surreal enough to keep things exciting.

A group of misfits meet at Community college and end up in a study group that soon becomes a tightly-knit…community. They have all sorts of weird adventures and it’s one of the few shows to make me laugh out loud. I don’t know if things are going to decline over the seasons (there are 6) but so far it’s up there with some of my comedy favourites like 30 Rock or Brooklyn 99.

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Woman by Natalie Angier

womanI’m only in chapter 1, but¬†Woman: An Intimate Geography¬†by Natalie Angier is tickling all my funny bones. Her tone is poetic, irreverent, teasing, exultant, cheeky, provocative – and utterly hilarious. She makes science so much fun. I think I’m going to love this. If you enjoy the witty style of feminist sites like The Hairpin, I heartedly recommend this book.

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When tortoises attack

I was about nine years old. His name was Turbo. He liked lettuce and water and walking in the grass. We got along well, until THE DAY.

I still don’t know what I did, but he rose up and hissed at me. Yes, I realise that he was a tortoise but they are actually really scary in a prehistoric sort of way. Like crocodiles minus the teeth*

And now I know I’m not alone.

News out of Uganda: “In a bizarre incident in Nebbi district, a policeman says he was attacked by an aggressive tortoise at his home.”


*At least to nine year-old me.

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Separated at birth

Separated at birth

Reconstructed Richard III and Lord Farquaad from Shrek. Uncanny.

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