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2014 or bust

2013 was electric for me. It’s the year that I began to write again. It’s the year that my inner activist woke up and the year that I resolved to overcome my fears and take more risks. Towards the end I burned out but I can’t wait for 2014 (and one of my resolutions will be to avoid that happening again. )

I know some of what to expect for next year: I will continue to write. I will try to be more bold but also take more care of myself. I will write my first dissertation and graduate with a Masters degree. At times I will struggle but at others I will soar.

As with every year, I will have to learn afresh how put to one side the blueprint I unconsciously assumed would determine my life and learn to roll with the rhythm of what is, not what I would like to be. I will be frustrated by dreams deferred and warmed by the hearth of dreams that I had forgotten or allowed to grow cold.

The rest is a delicious mystery.


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