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Or, in other words, pink. When the fashion world says “Natural” or “Nude”, it has always had whiteness as its default. Tights are my primary bugbear. Winter gets boring pretty quickly when you’re stuck with opaque black tights every day. But I was happy to find that Marks and Spencer does a range of tights for all skin shades. (I’m nutmeg, which is rather charming)

Another big trend that hasn’t gone away is the “leg-lengthening” nude heel. Now, I once got a pair of £10 bronze-brown shoes from Office in a sale which matched me perfectly but unfortunately they’re on their way out. I was despairing of finding a replacement until I happened to read about Louboutin’s new nude range. He’s done five different types of shoes in a range of colours to suit different skin types – a democratic nude heel, if you will. It shouldn’t be remarkable in 2013, but it is. The industry has a way to go, but where the high-end goes, the high street will follow, so this is a step in the right direction that could have a fairly big ripple effect.

Louboutin colour-match nude shoes.

However, at prices of £400 upwards I guess I’m still at square one (!)

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