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It all counts

The Sun has put bikinis on Page 3 rather than bare breasts, and in the process provoked a flurry of feminist articles. For every article celebrating the victory, there’s another saying it’s not that big a deal, and there some pieces by women saying it’s anti-feminist to deny them the choice of posing in the Sun because it’s not objectification…and there are others saying those women aren’t quite aware of their subjugation.

My take is that it matters. It’s a modest victory and that’s ok.

Representation matters. To say that this does have significance, albeit largely symbolic, is not to say that it’s the most important campaign or that those who support it only care about this one thing. And even if they do, there are so many other important campaigns on issues like FGM, for example, for people to get stuck into. Equal pay. Violence against women. Refugee women in detention. So many other things, and they all matter, like lots of cracks in a wall.

Sometimes we’ll take out some huge bricks and other times we’ll put cracks in it. There is merit in the point that some of the less well-known and more difficult¬†campaigns are often the most grave. ¬†We’ll keep working.

But it does all matter. So well done, No More Page 3. Next!


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