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Marble Race

Nothing clever here. Just a marble race. In the sand. With commentary.


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I Dunno

Things that make no sense:

The TV show:


The Leftovers is just plain weird. Set in a post-rapture world, with a lot of traumatised characters and unexplained occurrences (not least the disappearances) it’s still not clear if this is going to go the way of Lost or stay finely balanced and thrilling like The Returned.

And yet I’m still watching.

The Crush:

I blame the Best Man for this – I saw it at a very formative time in my life and my enduring crush on Terence Howard was born. So was my crush on Morris Chestnut – but at least that one makes sense.

The Book Series:


The Harry Hole Detective Series by Jo Nesbo. Ok, the first few were great, but not he’s getting more and more ramshackle but is apparently catnip to the ladies. Not as smooth as Bond, not as alluring as Luther, a walking cliche.

And yet I have every  single one.

The Clothes:


Dungarees. I have been waiting for over 20 years for them to make a comeback. They have and I look awful.

And yet.


You know it’s Friday When…

…you find yourself watching:

1. A video of a CGI baby plotting to “fight for kisses”

2. A trailer for a film about sharks in a tornado…thank you SyFy channel, for answering questions no one was asking.

3. A spoof video on how men see themselves

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My new favourite advert: Be More Dog

And speaking of cats, it’s time to join the rest of the internet in celebrating a(nother) cat video.

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