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Let’s Stick Together

It was a bit weird watching David Cameron make a speech in favour of the Union….from the Olympic Stadium in East London…addressing everyone else but the Scots.

I also saw Alex Salmond’s rebuttal, in which he pointed out that one of the most compelling arguments in favour of independence is that Scotland keeps voting left and getting Tory governments in Westminster.

I don’t have a dog in this fight and I understand both sides of the argument. Perhaps it’s because I live in England, but it seems like everyone is hell-bent on scolding or frightening the Scots into making the “right” decision. The BBC presenter’s response to Salmond was to point out that “business” wasn’t in favour of a split. Cameron is asking the rest of the UK to….what exactly? Pressure the nearest Scot?

Speaking as an African, I know that independence is as much an emotional issue as a practical one. Facts about the consequences of independence aside (and those are heavily disputed as it is), there is Scotland’s national story. No one has yet addressed this issue with a historical context, acknowledging that this is about more than just economics or brand UK. Or the rest of us that Cameron addressed today. It’s Scotland’s choice, and we would do well to start talking to people, rather than down at or about them.


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